A Brief History of Silat and Bukti Negara

Pencak Silat is the collective name for the increasing number of styles in the various Indonesian martial arts. Kind of like Karate or Kung Fu cover numerous styles from the region they originated.

Pencak Silat is unique due to the rich variety of styles. Each style has its own appearance, emotional value and beauty. One problem in writing a history of Pencak Silat is the absence of written sources, probably due to the level of secrecy maintained within
the various styles.

During colonial times gatherings of more than five people were illegal. As a result both the self-defense and the demonstration forms had to be performed in the deepest secrecy. Also, the Dutch government forbade martial exercises outside the colonial army
because of the fear of rebellion.

After the Second World War and the subsequent Indonesian war of independence, Pencak Silat filtered through to large sections of the general population.

The original Pencak Silat that was practiced in Indonesia from early morning until late at night and required many years of intensive training that was imbued with Eastern mysticism and impressive
traditions. The real Pencak Silat is a way of life, a martial art that was never intended to be a sport.

Fortunately, not all experienced pencakers decided to take their expertise with them to the grave, and a few have managed to transfer their skills to the rational Westerner. Not only that, but they also managed to develop Pencak Silat in such a way that it could be taught in the context of a sport school. One of these experts was Paul de Thouars, who developed the style of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara. Bukti Negara is a very advanced fighting system based on physics and physiology, and consisting of elements from Serak.

Since 2011 Bukti Negara has made a new start. Under the leadership of the European Board of Directors & Technical Director Walter van den Broeke, Bukti Negara is currently being practiced in many European
countries, in America and in Asia.

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