Now Offering Online Classes

Beginning November 5, 2020, PNW Silat will offer online classes in Bukti Negara – the Unified Art.

For any of you that know us, that might seem like a strange announcement. Online instruction was not something we seriously considered because we believed that it couldn’t compare to the in-person experience. But as the pandemic has ground on month after month, we have received regular online instruction from Walter and it has helped us immensely.

Due to COVID concerns, we have had to turn down requests for classes multiple times. But as it has become clear that the pandemic is far from over, it seems that we won’t have the opportunity to offer in-person classes anytime soon.

We all benefit from regular exercise and instruction in our art. Online classes offer both.

If you are interested in learning Bukti Negara as taught by Walter van de Broeke, contact us. The online instruction we offer will help you build a foundation in the art, improve your fitness, and make you a better fighter.

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