First Online Group Leader Convention

The Naga Kuning Institute hosted the first-ever online Group Leader Convention last Sunday. Jon, Adam and I were all lucky enough to attend. It’s surprising how much of Bukti Negara – The Unified Art you can learn through a Zoom session. Over 3 hours, we got to follow along with:

  • Ottavio Tramonte – Mobility Training for Ground Fighting
  • Stefano Chiappella – Langkah (footwork) and Strategy Training
  • Ronald Hartman – Puter (turnaround) in All of Its Variations

It was quite a workout and we were all extremely sore the next few days (Ottavio’s fault) but we came away with multiple new insights, including:

  • The need for serious flexibility and leg strength to truly fight on the ground and hope to get back up again
  • How the time you have available as the opponent attacks dictates your footwork options
  • That weight transfer and level changes are the foundation for safe, effective turnarounds

We will be incorporating many of the things we learned into our future online classes. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, please contact us to sign up!

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