Paul de Thouars

Paul de Thouars

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Paul De Thouars († 10 September 2013) was one of the most successful martial artists of our time. Born in East java, Indonesia in the 30’s and a well-known and highly respected martial artist for almost 60 years, he was described by his colleagues as one of the most innovative and devastating martial artists of our time. Uncle Paul directly or indirectly had a great influence on Silat practitioners globally.

At a time when many claim to have completed several martial arts in one life, Paul de Thouars claimed to have studied only one art and admitted that he had not yet finished studying.

Considered the master of the masters, Uncle Paul combined a rare ability to transmit, explain, illustrate, and show his discipline to a vast and profound knowledge of Pentjak silat .

Here are some videos with Uncle Paul de Thouars and Walter van den Broeke in 2012: